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California Water Districts Principle Enabling Act

Water Code §34000 et seq.

Powers and Functions: Maintain the necessary works for the production, storage, and distribution of water for irrigation, domestic, industrial, and municipal purposes, and any drainage or reclamation works.

Formation: Any area of land which is capable of using water beneficially for irrigation, domestic, industrial or municipal purposes and which can be serviced from common sources of supply and by the same system of works; area need not be contiguous.

At least 5 Directors (may be increased to 7, 9, or 11)*, elected by landowner voters to 4 year terms**

* Board member must be a holder or legal representative of title to land within the district or designated by a holder of title of land (See Water Code §34700)

**Can be changed to resident voter by the Board of Supervisors through a resolution and a petition (See Water Code §35040)